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  • The body keeps the score: Brain, Mind and Body in the Healing of Trauma | Bessel van der Kolk (2014)
    • Trauma is a fact of life. Dr Bessel van der Kolk, one of the world’s foremost experts on trauma, has spent over three decades working with survivors. In The Body Keeps the Score, he uses recent scientific advances to show how trauma literally reshapes both body and brain, compromising sufferers’ capacities for pleasure, engagement, self-control, and trust. The Body Keeps the Score exposes the tremendous power of our relationships both to hurt and to heal—and offers new hope for reclaiming lives.
  • Homecoming: Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child | John Bradshaw (1992)
    • Using a wealth of practical techniques, informative case histories and unique questionnaires, John Bradshaw demonstrates how your wounded inner child may be causing you pain. You’ll learn to gradually, safely, go back to reclaim and nurture that inner child
  • I’m OK – You’re OK | Thomas A. Harris (1967)
    • A guide to transactional analysis. In non-technical language, it offers advice on gaining control of yourself, your relationships and your future, no matter what has happened in the past.
  • In an Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness | Peter A. Levine (2010)
    • In an Unspoken Voice is based on the idea that trauma is neither a disease nor a disorder, but rather an injury caused by fright, helplessness and loss that can be healed by engaging our innate capacity to self-regulate high states of arousal and intense emotions. Enriched with a coherent theoretical framework and compelling case examples, the book elegantly blends the latest findings in biology, neuroscience and body-oriented psychotherapy to show that when we bring together animal instinct and reason, we can become more whole human beings.
  • Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma: The Innate Capacity to Transform Overwhelming Experiences | Peter A. Levine (1997)
    • Waking the Tiger offers a new and hopeful vision of trauma. The reader is taken on a guided tour of the subtle, yet powerful impulses that govern our responses to overwhelming life events. To do this, it employs a series of exercises that help us focus on bodily sensations. Through heightened awareness of these sensations, trauma can be healed.

Therapists specialising in Trauma

Zvetlana Cassar


Systemic Family Psychotherapist
Yasmin Muscat Monsigneur


Systemic Family Psychotherapist
Shirley Buttigieg


Gestalt Psychotherapist
Sharon Grima


Counsellor, Social Worker & EMDR Trainee Practitioner
Noelle Camilleri


Art Psychotherapist
Michael Said


Trainee Gestalt Psychotherapist
Melissa Mifsud


Systemic Family Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor
Maria Mifsud


Systemic Family Psychotherapist
Maria Darmanin


Health Psychology Practitioner & Gestalt Psychotherapist
Margaret White


Trainee Psychotherapist & Youth Worker

Resources about Trauma

Why we repeat painful relationship patterns

Written by Danjela Falzon
Have you ever known someone who seems to move from one troubled relationship to another, somehow always ending up with partners with similar traits to the previous one/s? You may even notice you do this yourself. For instance, you may frequently end up in relationships with partners who refuse to commit and, despite the obvious red flags, you’re continuously left wondering why this always happen…

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What family therapy is and why you should consider it

Written by Maria Mifsud
Family therapy is distinct from other forms of therapy because it focuses on the family system. The problems of individuals are observed within the context of the larger family unit. As a family therapist myself, my raison d’être is that personal difficulties cannot be successfully addressed or solved without understanding the dynamics of the family. When looking at an individual’s personal…

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The Power of Therapeutic Writing

Written by Clare Padovani
Many people assume that writing is just for writers or poets when, in fact, writing is for everyone and has been used for many years as a means of expression and healing. Therapeutic writing, in particular, has numerous benefits and takes a number of different forms, as explored in the following article by Clare Padovani, Gestalt Psychotherapist….

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The birth of your very own Batman/Batwoman

Written by Maria Mifsud
In the fictional universe of DC Comics, Batman was born the night that 10-year-old Bruce Wayne witnessed the brutal murder of his parents. The unification of the two characters occurred when Bruce Wayne lost both his parents and his childhood. One night, Thomas and Martha Wayne, along with their son, went to watch a classic movie. Afterwards, while they were walking through Park Row, the family…

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SSHHHH! Don’t tell anyone! – My Magic Wardrobe

Written by Maria Mifsud
This story is based on true events. Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals. One day I was paying a visit to a client of mine called Eva, after she had kindly invited me over to her place. The thirty-year-old Eva was in the kitchen peeling potatoes, while the water on the stove was boiling. I was sitting on her couch sipping tea, while keenly waiti…

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Shhhhhh! Behind Closed Doors: The Effect of Domestic Violence on Children

Written by Maria Mifsud
Have you ever wondered what happens to children who have, unfortunately, experienced domestic violence? Or what they might have secretly gone through behind closed doors? Some children, after a long day of school, instead of going back to a secure home have no choice but to witness unimaginable abuse. How do they manage to endur…

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How to build and enhance resilience

Written by Danjela Falzon
If there was ever a time to focus on resilience-building, it’s now. Of course, we all know that resilience isn’t something we need only during global pandemics. Life is notoriously good at throwing curve balls in our direction and, the more resilient we are, the more easily we manage to bounce back afterwards. Experiencing stress, loss, trauma, tragedy and other adverse life events impacts peo…

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How attachment styles impact relationships

Written by Danjela Falzon
Have you ever wondered why you behave in certain ways in your romantic relationships? Have you ever been called clingy or avoidant? The answers to these questions may lie in your attachment style. In this article, Gestalt Psychotherapist, Danjela Falzon, gives an overview of the 4 main attachment styles and explains how they may be playing out in your relationships….

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TherapyPacks Terms and Conditions

1. TherapyPacks come in bundles of 5 or 10 sessions. Prices of bundles:

  • 5 sessions – €270 – must be utilised within 3 months from date of purchase
  • 10 sessions – €520 – must be utilised within 6 months from date of purchase

2. Bundles are not transferable. This means they cannot be used by, or gifted to, anyone else but the person whose name is listed as the TherapyPacks bundle holder.

3. Bundles which are purchased for Couples Therapy and Family Therapy can only be used by members of the couple or family with one therapist. If members of a couple or family decide to take up individual therapy with another therapist, the bundle will only apply to sessions with the therapist originally referred and cannot be also used for the individual sessions with another therapist. Exceptions will be made if the original therapist is unable to see the client or family and the couple or family are referred to another therapist. After referral, the same conditions will apply.

4. Bundles are valid for a limited time period, as listed above. This means that the bundles will expire once the respective time period has elapsed. Any sessions not utilised within this period will be lost. This means that a refund will not be given for unused sessions. Start date commences on date of purchase of bundles.

5. Bundles are only valid for full price sessions (charged at €60) and not for sessions with trainee psychotherapists, reports or assessments.

6. Full payment needs to be made on purchase, via bank transfer, cash or credit card.

7. Management reserves the right to terminate or suspend the use of the bundles. Reasons for such are at the discretion of the clinic.

8. Refunds or extensions of time period within which bundles may be used is at the discretion of management and will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

9. Management reserves the right to modify or replace the terms and conditions. In such circumstances, clients will be given adequate notice and time to adhere to such.

10. The clinic’s cancellation policy is applicable also to bundles. Late cancellations or no shows will result in the forfeit of a session within the bundle allocation.

11. Responsibility for ensuring timely use of session bundles remains that of the TherapyPacks bundle holder or, in the case of a minor, their carer/legal guardian.