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  • Kellimni.com
    • Kellimni.com offers free online support in Malta through SmartMessaging, e-mails, chat or be participant in a forum. All of their services are, free and confidential. It is managed by SOS Malta.
  • OLLI chat
    • Offered by Malta’s leading Mental Health NGO, OLLI chat is a free 24/7 mental health support chat.
  • General Mental Health | Mind
    • Mind UK provides advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem.


  • TED Talk: How mindfulness changes the emotional life of our brains | Richard J. Davidson (2019)
    • Dr Davidson is the William James and Vilas Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry and Founder and Director of the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr Davidson is also the Founder of Healthy Minds Innovations, which translates science into tools to cultivate and measure well-being. In this eye-opening talk, Richard Davidson discusses how mindfulness can improve well-being and outlines strategies to boost four components of a healthy mind: awareness, connection, insight, and purpose.


  • I’m OK – You’re OK | Thomas A. Harris (1967)
    • A guide to transactional analysis. In non-technical language, it offers advice on gaining control of yourself, your relationships and your future, no matter what has happened in the past.
  • An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness | Kay Redfield Jamison (1995)
    • Dr Jamison examines bipolar illness from the dual perspectives of the healer and the healed, revealing both its terrors and the cruel allure that at times prompted her to resist taking medication. An Unquiet Mind is a memoir of enormous candor, vividness, and wisdom—a deeply powerful book that has both transformed and saved lives.
  • The Collected Schizophrenias: Essays | Esmé Weijun Wang (2019)
    • An intimate, book written with the immediacy and directness of one who still struggles with the effects of mental and chronic illness. Wang discusses the medical community’s own disagreement about labels and procedures for diagnosing those with mental illness. An essay collection that dispels misconceptions and provides insight into a condition long misunderstood.

Self-Help Guides

  • Relaxation Techniques | Therapist Aid
    • An evidence-based article and guide by TherapistAid about relaxation techniques.

Therapists specialising in Mental Health

Zvetlana Cassar


Systemic Family Psychotherapist
Yasmin Muscat Monsigneur


Systemic Family Psychotherapist
Sharon Grima


Counsellor, Social Worker & EMDR Trainee Practitioner
Noelle Camilleri


Art Psychotherapist
Mel McElhatton


Gestalt Psychotherapist & Social Worker
Maria Mifsud


Systemic Family Psychotherapist
Maria Darmanin


Health Psychology Practitioner & Gestalt Psychotherapist
Margaret White


Trainee Psychotherapist & Youth Worker
Liya Aquilina


Gestalt Psychotherapist
Leanne Attard


Gestalt Psychotherapist

Resources about Mental Health

Your therapy questions answered

Written by Danjela Falzon
When I meet a new client, I can usually tell quite quickly who knows their way around a therapy room, so to speak, and who’s just walked into therapy for the first time. There’s a lot of uncertainty and confusion about what happens in the therapy room. In fact, I’m often pleasantly surprised that, despite the uncertainty and anxiety involved, there’s still an endless flow of people willing…

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AdultsMental Health

We know you’re tired

Written by Charlene Camilleri Duca
Covid-19 has impacted our lives in so many different ways. Ten months in and we’re still ploughing on, many people struggling with feelings of anxiety, low mood and frustration. We know this isn’t easy. We also know that one day at a time, with the support of one another, you will get through this. And when you do, you’ll emerge stronger, more resilient and more equipped to deal with life’…

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The psychological benefits of reading

Written by Danjela Falzon
With an ever-increasing tendency for people to be glued to their phones or other devices, it’s easy to be pulled away from the reading of literature for simple pleasure. However, escaping into a good book is not only enjoyable, it’s good for your wellbeing and mental health. In this article by Gestalt Psychotherapist, Danjela Falzon, the benefits of reading are discussed, and guidance is provided as to how you can encourage the children in your lives to enjoy reading….

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The Power of Therapeutic Writing

Written by Clare Padovani
Many people assume that writing is just for writers or poets when, in fact, writing is for everyone and has been used for many years as a means of expression and healing. Therapeutic writing, in particular, has numerous benefits and takes a number of different forms, as explored in the following article by Clare Padovani, Gestalt Psychotherapist….

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The Power of Pets

Written by Maria Mifsud
Greetings everyone. Let me introduce you to my two adopted stray cats named Ghost and Gingy. Both were street-roaming kittens, but they are now living in a loving home. They provide me and my family with a lot of comfort, security and love. Public concern for mental health issues might be increasing due to the imposed confinement as a result of the current Coronavirus pandemic. The state o…

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AnxietyAdultsDepressionMental Health

The Parent-Child-Teacher triangle

Written by Maria Mifsud
As someone who grew up in the 90s, I was one of the very last generations that was able to spend time playing outdoors with other neighbourhood kids, as opposed to playing Super Mario on a video game console or Candy Crush on a smartphone. The only friends I knew were ones made of flesh, not Instagram profiles of people I had never met in real life. My only worry back then was that of kicking a…

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The dopamine effect of dogs: How caring for a dog can drastically improve our mental health

Written by Maria Mifsud
Bee is a large and muscular, black dog. In contrast, his puppy-like face is irresistibly adorable. He is an AmStaff mixed breed and was adopted by Shane and Melanie, a kind-hearted couple who regularly volunteer at a dog sanctuary. Apart from being a loyal and loving pet dog, Bee also accompanies his human friends during adventures whenever a dog that is in danger needs rescuing. In April 2021,…

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The cost of over-consumption on our well-being

Written by Danjela Falzon
We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like. — Dave Ramsay Philosophers and spiritual leaders have condemned materialism for centuries, warning us of the dangers of seeking happiness and meaning through possessions. This is quite contrary to the messages we receive from our consumerist culture, telling us that if we just buy the latest pho…

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TherapyPacks Terms and Conditions

1. TherapyPacks come in bundles of 5 or 10 sessions. Prices of bundles:

  • 5 sessions – €270 – must be utilised within 3 months from date of purchase
  • 10 sessions – €520 – must be utilised within 6 months from date of purchase

2. Bundles are not transferable. This means they cannot be used by, or gifted to, anyone else but the person whose name is listed as the TherapyPacks bundle holder.

3. Bundles which are purchased for Couples Therapy and Family Therapy can only be used by members of the couple or family with one therapist. If members of a couple or family decide to take up individual therapy with another therapist, the bundle will only apply to sessions with the therapist originally referred and cannot be also used for the individual sessions with another therapist. Exceptions will be made if the original therapist is unable to see the client or family and the couple or family are referred to another therapist. After referral, the same conditions will apply.

4. Bundles are valid for a limited time period, as listed above. This means that the bundles will expire once the respective time period has elapsed. Any sessions not utilised within this period will be lost. This means that a refund will not be given for unused sessions. Start date commences on date of purchase of bundles.

5. Bundles are only valid for full price sessions (charged at €60) and not for sessions with trainee psychotherapists, reports or assessments.

6. Full payment needs to be made on purchase, via bank transfer, cash or credit card.

7. Management reserves the right to terminate or suspend the use of the bundles. Reasons for such are at the discretion of the clinic.

8. Refunds or extensions of time period within which bundles may be used is at the discretion of management and will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

9. Management reserves the right to modify or replace the terms and conditions. In such circumstances, clients will be given adequate notice and time to adhere to such.

10. The clinic’s cancellation policy is applicable also to bundles. Late cancellations or no shows will result in the forfeit of a session within the bundle allocation.

11. Responsibility for ensuring timely use of session bundles remains that of the TherapyPacks bundle holder or, in the case of a minor, their carer/legal guardian.