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The Mighty Creatures Lost Their Crown

Helping children understand Covid-19 without instilling in them a sense of fear and anxiety, is a challenging task for parents and carers. In this short story, Doriette Grech introduces children to Munchkin World, a place where its inhabitants are learning how to keep themselves healthy and safe whilst managing a number of complex emotions. The story explores how children can protect themselves from the virus, with the aim of helping them to lessen their fears and regain a sense of control and safety. It also addresses a number of difficult emotions children may be experiencing during this period, such as loneliness, sadness, and fear for themselves and loved ones. ‘The Mighty Creatures Lost Their Crown’ helps normalise the emotions children may be feeling during this difficult time and creates a space for them to ask questions and talk about their feelings with a trusted adult.

‘The Mighty Creatures Lost Their Crown’ will be included by the ISPA (International School Psychology Association) in a pool of resources to be used in schools to address the challenges faced by children due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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